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Automotive Locksmith Services

Keeping your car safe is as important as it is to keep your home or company safe. If you are in need of automotive locksmith services, you will need an automotive locksmith who understands the importance of automotive security. We are the team that will help you. For the fastest response in town, contact or text All Keys Lost Locksmith at +1 (919) 862-4955 any time, 24 hours a day, anywhere in or around the Knightdale, NC.

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We can take care of any lock issue you have with your truck, car, RV, SUV, or motorbike. We dispatch one of our locksmith technicians right away when you call, and we work with nearly all makes and models on the road today. We can address practically any issue in a single visit, from a new smart key to a lock pick, because each tech drives a fully-loaded vehicle. Our staff is properly trained in traditional mechanical locks as well as the latest locking technology that we all rely upon.

Why trust 1 Response Locksmith with your vehicle?

Every job we do is backed by over 15 years of experience. Our locksmith company is completely licensed in the state of Knightdale, NC. Our locksmiths are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with lockouts and other automotive locksmith issues. We provide a wide range of keys, fobs, and other auto lock accessories. You can get new keys cut or reprogrammed within a few minutes. Give us a call and we’ll see what we can come up with. Allow us to demonstrate how All Keys Lost Locksmith provides high-quality, quick response, and economical locksmith services.


One night, you go out on the town and misplace your keys. You can’t even open the door to get into your car to drive home. You’re stranded next to your vehicle, with no means to get inside.


  • Door & Ignitions Rekeyed
  • Car Unlock Service
  • Unlock Trunk
  • Ignition Repair
  • Ignition Replacement
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Duplicate Car Keys
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Door Lock Repair, Replacement, and a lot more.


At All Keys Lost Locksmith, we are available 24/7 throughout Knightdale, NC. When we receive your call, we reach immediately to your location. Our vehicles are clearly marked, so you will know when we’ll be there.

We have the equipments and tools that are needed to get access to almost any vehicle. Once you are inside your vehicle, our technician can cut you a new set of keys or programme your key FOB in a matter of minutes. You can drive away and securely return back to your home. Your car’s door locks aren’t the only thing that has a lock. Give us a call if you can’t get into your trunk; we can open your trunk at any time of day or night.


Do you need replacement keys for your vehicle? All Keys Lost Locksmith is the number to dial. Each of our trucks carries hundreds of keys. We can cut replacement keys for almost any make and model vehicle right away if you need them replaced.

Do you have a vehicle that has advanced key fobs or smart keys? No issue. We also have Inteli-keys, FOBS, VAT keys, and ignition transponder keys in stock. We can programme new keys for you in a matter of minutes, and you’ll have a handy set of spare keys.


Is it difficult for you to start your car? You try to start the car by inserting the key into the ignition switch. Nothing happens It appears that the whole system is not getting any kind of spark. The ignition switch could be the source of the problem.

We are able to repair your ignition. If the ignition switch is the issue, our technicians can figure it out. If that’s the case, we have extra parts on hand to complete repairs on the spot. Burnt-out contacts can be replaced, and we can make other repairs too. Our cost is far less than having the car repaired at a dealership.


Do you want to replace the keys that start and open your vehicle? Both the door and the ignition can be rekeyed by our technicians. One of the most common reasons for rekeying your car is the loss of a set of keys. You don’t want a set of keys in the hands of just anyone. It’s possible that your car can be stolen or broken into. To keep your vehicle safe, the best choice is to have the keys changed.

It’s possible that you’ve just bought a great new car and want to keep it safe. You can improve the security of your car by rekeying it. The pins inside the lock are changed during rekeying and thus you receive a new key, and your old keys don’t work anymore.

Best Locksmith Services

Have you recently bought a new home or office building? Get a fresh set of locks and keys to secure the property. We can improve the locks so that your mobile home is as secure as your main ride or home. Give us a call if you have any type of vehicle and need something done with the locks. For your lockout needs, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have a large selection of keys and fobs to meet your key needs. Any locksmith challenge you can throw at our specialists will be met with proper training and skill.

Please contact All Keys Lost Locksmith at +1 (919) 862-4955 if you need any automotive locksmith service.